Hi, I'm a Senior
Full Stack Web

I'm 30 and I work remotely from Budapest

I built Mingle Map from scratch

The app collected automatically more than 2000 events daily from Facebook and Meetup and displayed them on a beautiful map

I built Teacher Tool from scratch

The app helps language teachers give quality lessons online.

My speciality: Web Apps

I love to build fast and beautiful user interfaces backed with a Ruby on Rails API. I'm lean and data driven

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We talk over Skype

We set together meaningful goals. I help you understand and plan how to build and deliver a product customers love


Lean & Agile

I set up a kanban board on Trello. We split the features into sprints


I ship features
on a weekly basis

Once a week we meet on Skype to discuss about the product.
• What is the next priority for next week?
• Could we improve the user experience?

Your quality code
in no time


I pay close attention to write integration tests. Having worked on legacy code, I consider crucial to test the feature in the most common-case scenarios to ensure a new feature will not break the app. It gives us peace of mind


Due to the technologies I use, the code's structure follows strong conventions. Any developer who'll pick up the code will be up and running instantly.


Being Full Stack, I adopt the best strategies concerning the app's performance. When necessary, I customize the server configuration, use CDNs, rails query caching, HTTP caching, queuing for jobs-like feature...
The success of your product relies heavily on the perceived performance of your app. I got you covered

Quickly delivered

After 10000+ hours spent coding, I can rightfully claim to be an expert, also meaning that I did all the mistakes there is to do. So, I can now intuitively avoid them and spend all my time shipping code that won't break.

years of Ruby on Rails
years of JavaScript
years of SQL
years of frontend
They trusted me
Latest projects for my clients
PartnershipTrue Partnership

Not only I deliver software architecture and code but I help you choose the right technologies, the right SaaS tools. I position myself as a strong partner, always glad to answer all your concerns

Data Driven

I'll set dashboards on Google Analytics or Google Data Studio. We can then consult on a weekly basis how users interact with the features and act accordingly

Hassle-free server management

As soon as we have a working product, I'll deploy it on Heroku. This is the most user friendly PaaS to handle servers.

Clear Interfaces

I'll use libraries of already-made components (Buefy, Bootstrap, ...) to get a fast-paced development and nice interfaces

You have a project in mind?
I accompany you every step of the way

From building a landing page to designing the architecture of the app, developing a fast API, developing a smooth and clear interface, configuring the server, deploying, managing SEO, setting up KPIs

Let's see how we can collaborate in reaching your goals

We can meet on Skype for a 30 minutes session.